Read the threatening letter BEN GETHI received from WAIGURU’s goons over NYS cash


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  2. She is protected by the state house cartel.

  3. Waiguru-fobia makes her haters spend their days trembling with hate. Mark my words, the lady has moved on n she might even be the next governor of Embu.

  4. He printed the letter himself to drag waiguru

  5. embu my foot,

  6. I only know Waiguru from seeing her in the media. I believe she as anybody else has a right to fair trial.Everybody now uses her as their scapegoat as the whole Nation has assumed she is guilty. People should carry their own crosses and all should be innocent until proved guilty!

  7. walaji NYAMA....HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  8. Given the uncompromising position taken by Judiciary, this young man is looking at a long prison term. He will go down with a lot of other crooks in and out of government. Good luck Gethi.

  9. No honour among thieves. Ni kweli. Waigu and Get'i are children of former senior cops. That is the relationship. If you can't see that sauri yako. For them life was always easy if you understand what I mean.

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