RAILA ODINGA’s statement about the Kisii saga! Asks answers from UHURU/ RUTO

.... make some sales and do some shopping for their families on the biggest market day before the Sabbath sets in. Now they are dead and their families wallow in pain while the government’s spin machine begins to roll for a possible cover up with immediate offering of who did not do it.

This latest shooting comes in the same week that The Sunday Nation reported that police in Kenya have killed more than 122 people over the first eight months of 2016, representing a seven per cent increase over the same period last year.

As a country, we need to stand together and reject the culture of brutality, impunity and violence by security officers.

Security sector reforms, fought and frustrated by the top leadership of the security and intelligence agencies, have stalled. The time has come for the country to begin fresh debate and come to a resolution on the issue of professional policing of our society.

The two women shot dead yesterday, just like the more than 122 people reported to have been shot dead by police sine the beginning of this year, could have been any one of us. An attack on any one innocent civilian is an attack on the people of Kenya.

We must be told the truth and justice must be done for the two women and their families. We must not be fed with tales of who did not do it. Kenyans deserve to know who did it and why.



OCTOBER 7, 2016

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  1. Stop your silly polictics every where in this world happens and police should bring who ever did this to justices but dont bring your nonses on this kubafu na vitadawili za uasimu zako

  2. Raila there is no shortcut, No tribe will accept a Foreskin at the Helm, Infact Shebab will laugh at our Troops if under U

  3. Anon 13:54,i hope you remain a Kikuyu even after your death.

  4. These women were most likely cut down by Odm sympathizers who want to paint Jubilee in bad light in Kisii considering the inroads they have been making of late.Look at the timing of Vitendawili statement.And talking of praying which god does he pray to anyway?

  5. It is not true that this happens everywhere in the World. If you read the article in the Nation, in 2016 alone police have killed as many people as the police in England and Wales have done since 1990. Also the police will NOT bring to book the police who shot these women.

  6. This guy thrives on bad news.........he hops on bad news and rides it faster than one would wish

  7. Just look at your comments and imagine this was your mother!could you say it happens everywhere and wait for justice from the same police!

  8. some commentators here are exposing their stupidity.By hitting Raila below the belt just shows how immature you are.You are the kind of guys pulling kenya down.Have you ever taken a shower or had intercourse with the Pm to justify your claims that he is not circumcised?... and to just educate you.First it was said that A luo could not be a president.that was very stupid of those who said coz before then Obote was a Luo and he was president of Uganda,not to mention Tito Okello. And just to brag for you.Obama is a legend and a Luo brand exported genetically to head the world's most powerful nation .not a coutry like kenya.and have you bathed with him?..he follows luo culture even in the white house.So to speak shit of you is to show how backward you are.THINK

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