RAILA ODINGA’s race to State House may be unstoppable! See what he told LUOs to do

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 - CORD leader, Raila Odinga, has intensified his campaigns to become the next President after Uhuru Kenyatta with fresh calls to Nyanza residents to apply for IDs and register as voters in large numbers.

Speaking in Dadra Village in Ugenya over the weekend, Raila appealed to Luos to register as voters and back his Presidential bid in 2017.

He exuded confidence of beating Uhuru Kenyatta for the Presidency next year but only if Luos register as voters in large numbers and vote for him.

“My people, I have been moving around the entire country telling Kenyans to prepare for the coming General Elections. It is only you my people that I have not talked to about it but I know how people from this County always come out in large numbers to vote and support my bids,” Raila said.

“We are glad that a lot of electoral reforms are taking place right now and we will not have the surprise of dead people coming back to life to vote during the 2017 elections. This time around, Uhuru/ Ruto will not have a chance to steal our victory,” he added.


  1. Raila, My advice: Get Isaac Rutto (and by extension G_Moi)as your running mate, 50%+1 will be out of question. MaDVD and Kalonzo were duped, I don't see them licking JAP's boot again unless it was tasty. Kalonzo and Wetaa will form a third force. Don't kick them out, you will need them in case of re-run. Keep in mind you are a shell of your famour self or a bulldog whose bark scares but don't bite.

  2. He is using a strategy that Jubilee used in 2013- these are old ways- Jubilee is way ahead

  3. Bure kabisaa.

  4. Mimi na nyumba yangu ntampa Raila KURA

  5. Still expecting something new RAO has to offer Kenya.

  6. A bird at hand is worth two in the bush.Coast locked,Western locked,Nyanza locked,Nairobi reclamation,Rift Valley parts reclamation-parts locked.lower Eastern locked,Central influencing,Upper Eastern-inflluencing.A repeat of 2002.A euphoria,a wave,an unstoppable clamor.A revolution.His initiatives have raised Kenya's reputation in Africa..And embraced by regimes.Who else can return us to our lost selves?..RAILA AMOLO ODINGA....One country,One great President.


  8. Hahahahaha......Anonymous 22:41 must surely be a jango

  9. Kizungu miingi na Na virimbi yanukaa

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