RAILA ODINGA’s company was paid Sh 105 million in the SH 5 BILLION SCANDAL (EVIDENCE).

Saturday, 29 October 2016- A company associated with CORD leader, Raila Odinga, has been linked to the loss of Sh 5 billion in the Ministry of Health.

Spectre International which is owned by Raila Odinga’s family was reportedly paid Sh 105 million for supplying oxygen and cooking gas.

Other companies linked to the scandal include Kwacha Holdings which is owned by city businessman, Maina Wanjigi. Kwacha Holdings was paid Sh 589 million.

Others are Transcend media 100 million, Avic builders 55 million, Esaki limited Sh 122 million, Zeighham Enterprises was paid Sh 103 million, East Africa office equipment paid Sh 188 million and lawyer Paul Muite was paid Sh 75 million.

On Tuesday, a local daily exposed massive looting of over Sh 5 billion from the ministry where the scandal involved manipulation of the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMIS), diversion of funds and double payment of goods.

Here is the evidence 

  1. Bahahahahahaha mzee firimbi "ati mimi ni mweupe kama pamba.kwende kabisa!!!

  2. Anon @00.35, Does Michael Luviri's comment mean anything.
    Spectre ( Raila's ) and Specter are different.
    It appears someone grabbed a government letterhead and produced his just for damage control.
    You will agree with me, winning a tender is not criminal, unless otherwise stated-i.e were they paid without supplying or overpriced.
    Were they "overpaid " like our good old man---

  3. this is bogus, you guys cannot even carry out a simple research to know that RAO's firm is E.A. Spectre and not Specter International Ltd as listed on that list.
    The two firms are totally different.

  4. Micheal Luviri or whatever your name is, this business of covering one of our own even when s/he is a hyena in sheep's clothing is what is ailing this great nation of ours. Whether its your uncle or aunt who stole stole for him or herself and family. So lets fight these thieves as our common enemies regardless of tribes, parties, religion, orientation or creed. Its as simple as that. Next?

  5. Raila wanted to turnish uhurus name and yeye ni beneficiary

  6. why do u photoshop todestroy vip maiden name

  7. Jubilee holics are dunderheads they can't differentiate between spectre and specter?
    Brainwashed motherfuckers

  8. Specter not spectre

  9. Jaluo zitakufa sasa.Raila ndiye mwizi mkuu mpaka ethanol inauzwa Nairobi without tax.Wait msikie zile pesa amekula za mombasa county na joho.Dunia mzima itatetemeka.

  10. SAFI kama Pamba stuff, spectre international is based in Kisumu and indeed affiliated to the Molasses and ethanol plant. So much for the sincerity of a hypocrite.

  11. Raila was involved in maize scandal and how He got the Molasses Plant is unclear

  12. Hahaha hide And seek game waaaaah.

  13. Firimbi hata ushinde state house ng'oooooooo hataona.

  14. What's wrong with liquid nitrogen being supplied by spectre? Was it supposed to be free. Ata ninyi media wacheni zenu.

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