RAILA loses his cool and scolds ODM Senator and literally chases him out of the party!

Friday October 28, 2016 - Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has dared Migori Senator, Dr. Wilfred Machage, to leave ODM and relinquish his seat to allow for a by-election following reports that he had joined the Jubilee Party.

Speaking at Stella Village in Migori, Raila told Machage, who was absent in the meeting, to leave ODM if he is uncomfortable instead of issuing threats.

He accused Machage of being a nonentity saying he does not add value to ODM and branded him a traitor.

“Let him go…we have many qualified people who are ready to take his position. We only want to deal with people who are steadfast in ODM,” Raila affirmed.

Similar sentiments were shared by other leaders who told Machage to be man enough and resign as Migori Senator to allow for a by-election.

“We know he has made up his mind to cross to Jubilee…let him go alone and stop dragging us into his political frustrations. As a community, we are very comfortable in ODM," said Abedi Maroa, one of the leaders.


  1. Is this ODM now becoming a Kenya's Republican Party and Raila being the Donald of Kenya. The two have so much in common that's so hard to see the difference. Raila has no temperament to lead a civilized people. He has so thin a skin to tolorate dissent just like Donald. Could you imagine him as president in the Parliament making a speech and firimbis start to play the synchronizef music of defiance? He can not for a second be calm and show leadership for dessenting vouce to be heard. I pray for God to save Kenya.

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