RAILA is in the same league with MANDELA, MOHA shares PHOTOs from Botswana to prove this.


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  1. Ati our PM. Of which Kenya??? Jinga wewe.

  2. Tsetswana society will honor uou for what you say and not what you do. Their man is still unmarried at his age. The likes of Moha is giving a talk at Universities there when he hasn't sat in one. For popularity sake, we agree Raila fits the bill. However for results, he has nothing to compare with Mandela. Finally, the Tsetswanas will not be the voter for what Raila cares for most.

  3. He should have checked the status of the universities he is talking about first. Am not sure there are many people who would boast of giving lectures at Limkonkwing. I only know of one credible professional there, a lady, and she is Kenyan.

  4. Atii moha giving adres to university gathering. Aiiiiii where did he go for his university studies???

  5. Those commenting negatively here are cursed KIKUYUS of ancestor godess mumbi curse rae the Kikuyus coz they will not vote for Ruto like Kalonzo...they graduated with Bachelor of socialogy and anthropology from the uselsess devile dedan kimanthi university fuck you son and daughters of kikuyus harlots..AL-shabaab do your work clear them all in dozen after every three months

  6. You gave a talk as who?

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