RACHEL also ditches UHURU and goes back to CORD - Joining Jubilee was a big mistake

... that she is looking to go back to the Opposition if she will be accepted back.

According to Nyamai’s aide, the MP was compelled to join Jubilee Party after it allowed her to chair the Health Committee of Parliament and she attended the launch at Kasarani to show her gratitude.

"Nyamai attended the Kasarani event to show gratitude to Jubilee’s leadership for having allowed her to chair the Health Committee of the National Assembly," her Assistant said.

Ngilu had warned Nyamai that she will lose her seat in 2017 if she vied on a Jubilee Party ticket.


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  1. Wakamba wote ni watermelon with no firm stand... jap will win without u kwendeni huko

  2. Ngilu ndio masaa.Hiyo ni siasa ya tumbo. you have eaten in jubilee now you want to come back.ok karibu Mama watermelon

  3. Anon 6:26 ur just a fool jubilee imekupea nini for this time evaluate urself are u in anyway better off

  4. You are being bought with blood money.Kikuyus and kalenjins are the dirtiest animals on mother earth.

  5. Oops! Now tell me now, who is the ass here? When shall you outgrow your tribe stigma and intolerance Jatha joa? I thought spokesman Otieno's advisory was spot on, and would liberate you all including your old man tribal chief of Bondo. What will it take to deliver you guys?

  6. Enter your comment...wakamba tumewazoea wasiwasi

  7. Women change their minds all the time. Nothing new here

  8. Wote wanarudi. Jubilee shoud be careful of political conmen

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