Orange employee caught red handed seducing female customers after stealing their contacts.


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  1. This us exactly what we mean when we say the universities are producing young half baked graduates who have no work ethicks especially where customer relations are key.

  2. Huyu kijana hajalazimisha na wala hajamkosea heshima. Kwahivyo huyu dada angemtishia tu na sio kumuaibisha. Pole kijana.

  3. this young man has not done anything wrong,am very sure if he looked rich the lady would not have acted this way.

  4. I have read about this story and my conclusion? yes the guy was wrong but if the lady is mature enough as she claims in her blog, then she should have realized there is a more civilized way of handling that situation. Otherwise, she is just a drama queen.

  5. This is the worst behaviour in invading one's privacy,That phone number can cause a life threatening mistake if it gets to the wrong hands as this idiot half baked boy has just done.I fully support the lady to take actions as quick as possible and bring to light all those idiots who stalk other people for their stupidity.Such fucking messages can break marriages or even implicate someone innocent on a serious crime.Shame on you who are supporting this juvenile idiot.

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