Opposition supporters on fire as UHURU appoints another KIKUYU to head a State firm.

.... Director of the Institute of Professional Security Studies.

Githiria’s name has already been presented to the National Assembly Security and the National Administration Committee for approval.

If Parliament approves his name, Githiria will succeed Mututho who was appointed the chairman of the Transport Licensing Appeals Tribunal.

Opposition leaders and supporters have received the appointment of Githiria with rage wondering whether it is only members of the Kikuyu community who have qualifications to head State firms and parastatals.


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  1. Impunity at its best. Will this ethnically filthy country ever be salvaged? Only DIVINE intervention can get us out of this neo-colonial bondage. Who do they think they are, eh, and for how long? Halafu mimi sasa ndo naitwa tribal! NKT!

  2. What you need is to keep praying for a Lxx to come to state house and these okuyo community will never heard or seen in top positions of public institutions. I hope there will be real change. It will be very sad if the likes of spectre staff who are from one community, the Tholxxç branded identity.

  3. we have more Kikuyus in prison, mortuaries and Hospitals. If we were to use the law of average, then Kikuyus should head all parastatals and departments. If we touch on struggle for independence, then they should rule for another century.

  4. Thanks Karis.I respect you. please keep on reminding them rest they forget.

  5. Spectre is not a government institution...

  6. I urinate in my neighbours water tank and am a Kikuyu

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