No apologies to make for comparing RAILA to a sterile man who cannot impregnate his wife.

... campaign trail.

The three lawmakers said that they will make sure that Wetangula does not get anywhere near CORD’s leadership leave alone the position of the opposition's flag bearer.

But in his defence, Wetangula said he spoke the truth and said it is something which is common in Luhya land.

“In marriage in my local community, if you have a beautiful wife and after first, second and third month in marriage there is no baby, her aunties will come and ask her to try elsewhere with another man and then you see the woman becoming pregnant.”

“When she gives birth, nobody will know that it is not your child," Wetangula said in a statement.

Wetangula said he just asked Raila Odinga to support others for Presidency since he has failed three times.


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  1. RAO = BLANKS! Auntie has answers hehehehe MISHA BOKO = AUNTIE?

  2. Just campaign for being elected flag bearer,Raila has no power to endorse somebody unpopular .

  3. Asha Jumwa vipi?

  4. But it is the truth. RAO was castrated by mzee nyayo mwenyewe. Hana ata mshale moja. Waling'oa makende yake. And he did a good thing

  5. Weta I thought you were sensible but now I am realizing that you are a very stupid

  6. Tbis is not funny! Let's use a heifer analogy here. Heifer R has been dished AI services three times and it fails to catch the ball. A natural bull has been suggested to see if something fleshy not in a satchet will have the kick of the ball into the net. No, not likely. It could or couldn't catch a ball either way. It's very risky ball game here at this last opportunity. That's why the suggestion of a younger healthy heifer is quite logical and practical. This is a wise thought. Even if it fails to catch the ball firmly, it will have more other chances in the future. It's just that simple ODM sarrogates who don't get it.

  7. matuzi ya nini?

  8. Ship out like a gentleman Wetabix. By the way between RAO and Wetabix, RAO is never beaten by the wife so who is HANITHI between the two.


  10. Thanks Wetangula for confirming the rumours. Kumbe ni ukweli

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