NGATIA tells RUTO he is a murderer and a r@pist! Leave BONIFACE MWANGI alone (VIDEO).

Tuesday October 25, 2016 - Kenya Red Alliance (KRA) chairman, Martin Ngatia, has told Deputy President William Ruto to leave human rights activist, Boniface Mwangi, alone because what he said is the real truth.

Ruto has sued Mwangi for saying that he was the one who killed city businessman, Jacob Juma, in May this year.

According to Ngatia, Ruto has killed so many Kenyans that the best he could have done now is to leave Mwangi alone.

Ngatia warned Ruto that if anything happens to Mwangi, the DP will be held responsible.

Ngatia, who lives in exile in Sweden, said Ruto massacred children and women in Eldoret following the 2007 election theft while he...

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  1. Who is this semi illiterate man? Ngai, He pours vitriol while hiding in a foreign country? How did this man gain asylum? What was the basis of his fleeing Kenya? Do we have extradition agreement with Sweden? Surely these threats about coming for DP are serious and he needs to be tasked with substantiation.
    otherwise it will encourage others

  2. Man! You are full of shit!

    Your wicked evil breed from Lucifer him self were behind all those crimes you are placing on the innocent dp. The schemers/fixes are with your man you don't even have the ball to place the blame squarely on.

    Shenzi kabisa.

  3. Your mungiki illiteracy will mislead you to your grave

  4. is that a mouth or an asshole?

  5. You mean this idiot is in a foreign country??No wonder mwangi and others are speaking like that to see asylum too.Hii mbwa inaitwa Ngatia needs to be extradited and substantiate his verbal diarhoea.

  6. Nincompoop.

  7. Anonymous anonymous come out and meet the real men.mtado another kalenjin will not sit in Gema State-House

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