Never joke with ROSEMARY ODINGA! See what RAILA did to a man who was troubling her

... the best candidate for the seat.

Since blood is thicker than water, Raila intervened and told Owalo to his face that Rosemary is the most popular candidate in Kibra.

He then asked him to drop his ambitions.

Owalo who is known for being rude walked out of the meeting in protest.

But on Monday, Owalo met his match after he was chased by Raila from his Capitol Hill offices like a dog.

Raila is said to have stood up from his seat and asked Owalo to leave his office and never come back.

The former Premier accused Owalo of using his name for selfish gain.


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  1. Just like Trump with his Ivanka!

  2. People need to wake up and see raila was the MP of kibera for 20 years and its the least developed of all. And now he wants his family to continue???
    It doesn't matter if luos suffered as long as raila is eating well.

  3. Dictatorship at its best. There are also human ways of sacking someone.

  4. In heritance politics yield useless mpigs.

    Let the lady curve her own front, than relaying on her dad's help.

    The move is wrong.

  5. Rao chased Caroli Omondi and now Eliud Owalo, Will Rao manage to keep friends, Pentagon Bus is rusting somewhere in Langata since Rao cannibalised its passangers

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