NAMWAMBA may be in for one hell of a SHOCK in 2017 poll without RAILA’s backing

... that those who seek it must walk out of marriage and either remarry or remain single...You can't divorce and remain in the same matrimonial home and still have the Courage of the devil to loudly proclaim the impotence of your "former husband"..Back to politics son of Namwamba...I am a novice whose opinion must be treated with contempt it deserves...Nonetheless, I can swear that there are only two horses in the country,and perhaps three-to the creative thinkers..In Kenyan politics with 2017 in mind,you are either walking Up the mountain (Through Uhuru Kenyatta) or Strolling down the Lake (Through Raila Odinga)..and to gifted thinkers ,perhaps paying homage to Mululu kingdom (With Musalia Mudavadi). A man becomes irrelevant when he begins imagining a political force beyond those three or whoever they choose to support...

At times,it is important to make a wrong choice than fail to make a choice at all....Your brother Otuoma has retreated and like the proverbial prodigal son,he may go to baba and say he is sorry...Your brother Waluke re-married in a colourful wedding at Kasarani last weekend. Am even told dowry will be paid in a few weeks through a presidential tour to his constituency...Son of Namwamba,it is time to move...Either eat a humble pie and go back home for the children 's sake....Or make a conscious decision and go up the mountain-even though the mass-wedding is gone and you could only be accorded a traditional marriage or....Begin courting the king of mululu (Musalia)!...Finally my brother,there is a saying in Khabondi that over-feeding a child comes with the risk of the child burning the granary loosely translated in Luhya as "omwana wikure asamba eshiachi".. Do not despair...every saint has a past and every sinner has a future but be yea informed-him that the gods will destroy first make him mad!..Yours truly , ...Kennedy.

By Kennedy Echesa Walubengu son of Khabondi

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