Murang’a Governor tells RAILA to shut up on Northern Tunnel Water Project - We need it.

... the 6.8 billion shilling Northern Collector Water Tunnel would affect communities relying on River Tana because its water will be diverted to Ndakaini dam to benefit Nairobi County.

But in a quick response, Jubilee leaders led by Water Minister, Eugene Wamalwa, instead read hypocrisy on Raila’s part.

They claimed that he was the one who launched the project in September 2012 under the coalition Government.

Wamalwa maintained that the project followed the due process.

The CS urged Raila to stop politicising development projects.


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  1. We all know the project is not in his backdoor, hence the criticism. Why did he not complain about the Sondu-Miriu making that region a desert? After all it is not benefiting him personally. At the same time it falls in the place he hates most, central province.

  2. Wa Iria , i dont know where you come from . We majority Muranga people do not support the project. I dont know from whom you want to hear from. Tuko na akili. I cannot even see the need of voting if one of our own is eating us (muranga people).

  3. Huyu ni wa Muranga AMA kibera

  4. The commenter above is not in himself the majority of Murang'a people. He should speak for himself and admit he supports Raila to boot. Feasibility studies have already been done and the experts say it is viable. That project is for the good of the country, it is not there to serve personal whims. Stop speaking like the incognito ambassador of Murang'a.

  5. There is nothing for free.Each county should ensure sustainability of its residents and should only trade the exess after its residents are satisfied. An MOU MUST be signed between Murang'a and Nairobi County to the effect that the water SHALL be sold to Nairobi at an agreed rate per cubic litre and the revenue thereby received be used to fund water distribution to the Murang'a residents through digging trenches and piping.

  6. Raila should apologize to murang'a people for He did it behind their back in 2012. Let him be sincere.In 2012 it was a political mileage for the GNU but now a win for Jubilee. That's how He sees it now.Hypocrisy and double standards.

  7. Whichever way you take it political or not effect iko, see the tunnel how much water do you have there meaning it will all be channelled there this will change the river direction

  8. Let Muranga people go for a referandum to decide whether they want this project or not

  9. it is Muranga people to decide,, me i am not for it,,, the governor is politisizing the issue with no wefare of Muranga people at heart...we will vote you out

  10. Raila should speak about Kibra and Bondo .Leave Muranga alone.

  11. The tunnel is to collect excess water and especially rainy season.We 7 dams in Mbeere do they serve outside country or we Kenyans .Before we used to get electricity from Uganda now we use our own.Do people from Bondo benefit from the electricity.We use other people source for others to be beneficially.Oil from Turkana will it before Turkana people only .Raila bwana think.

  12. Raila has been hired by enemies of muranga governor who are eyeing the seat 1n 2017 .... we know them and they are singing in the same tune as Raila against any development project in muranga yet want to be next governor... CORD mole in Jubilee ....

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