MIGUNA releases MIKE SONKO’s theoretical CV and says only fools will vote him in 2017

.... Mike Sonko’s CV according to Miguna Miguna.

Mike Mbuvi Sonko’s CV – ABDRIGED & UPDATED

·   Born Gidion Kioko.

·  Attended Kikowani Primary School and performed dismally.

·  Dropped out of Form 2 at Kwale High School.

· Convicted and sentenced to serve time at Shimo La Tewa Maximum Prison for theft and fraud.

·  Escaped from prison and changed his name to Mika Musa

·  Changed his name again to Mike Munga.

· Moved to Nairobi and changed his name to Mike Gidion Kioko Mbuvi.

· Bought matatus and became a “makanga” in Nairobi.

· Opened Bars and started selling drugs in Buru Buru estate.

· Bought a nomination certificate from Narc-Kenya in 2010

· Elected MP for Makadara on September 20, 2010 by-election.

·  Bought a university degree from the Kenya Methodist University.

· Called for the forceful circumcision of Luos.

·Boxed buildings in Nairobi.

· Poured “unga” on Nairobi streets.

· Danced and lay on streets at The Hague
 Terrorized motorists and mourners in Nairobi with armed goons.

·  Claimed that he was Acting President of the Republic of Kenya.

·Has spoken ZERO TIMES in Parliament in 8 years.

· Is functionally illiterate.

·Wants to become the Governor of Nairobi.

·REFEREES: (1) John Harun Mwau; (2) Hassan Ali Joho; (3) William Kabogo; and (4) Evans Odhiambo Kidero.

.HOBBIES: Drugs and Alcohol.

We must defeat this primitive, uncouth, functionally illiterate thief and drug dealer. We must choose integrity over mediocrity!

Miguna Miguna


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  1. This might (emphasis "might") work in Canada but not in Kenya. Mate, you are ahead of your time. This thug is a hero to 80% of Nairobians. If you were unelectable in your Ahero hood during the last elections, what makes you think you can convince Nairobians next year? Nairobi is full of thugs, drug dealers and prostitutes!

  2. Remove name of Hassan Joho 2022 CiC republic of Kenya minus Central kenya ya Kikuyu....

  3. You sound like a scared small boy Where is your CV too Mr judas We still remember what you did to Baba.....Truth be told Sonko is way a head of you.

  4. Exactly right,Kenyans adore thugs but miguna is still not the best

  5. I agree with you on this Miguna, however please be informed that the balance of scale tilts in favour of Sonko because substance abusers and thugs out number the elite in Nairobi.The sad reality is that the former votes and the later do not.So we gonna do with the drugs peddler being the governor.Sorry bald head.

  6. Sonko has also done alot in helping the common man. He is always on spot when there is a problem. Infact, he is one politician who is well known to most families in Nairobi. Helping people Mr. Miguna. It is.

  7. Sonko will win coz the middle class and the elites who miguna is talking to don't actually vote in large numbers unlike the common mwananchi who can relate to him and get freebees

  8. Miguna have you gone crazy? (1) you should have a day in court or we believe MU is a degree market! Did u say all who elected sonko are fools? Sonko didnt 'claim' acting president-he actually was there ON BEHALF OF UHURU!CIRCUMSICION WAS ADVISED BY WHO! I have MY RIGHT,TO THINK YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Makachieth Miguna kitimba cha nguli!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Migunax2 is the Kenyan Donald Trump!

  11. anon 04:23 go tell your mother

  12. That is Kenya for you

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