Meet the highly trained commandos behind RAILA ODINGA’s tight security – PHOTOs

.... 200 bodyguards from the elite Recce unit.

Here are photos of Raila Odinga’s bodyguard who stands out the most (among others). 

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  1. Old Age is catching up for Rao and the bodyguards can do nothing, Good riddance Raila.

  2. Wacha a enjoy hii miezi tisa akienda bondo

  3. Hahaaa, sioni fitness hapo...

  4. too fat to run

  5. Sura mbaya kweli yeye hukulanga mavi.

  6. they look old n unfit. nowonder alikula bakora ya mzee kwale county

  7. pole sana anon 20:04,20:59,23:37,01:45 and 04:10 better him na je nyinyi,kikuyus have ugly faces like pigs na laana je zime lala kwenu bastards,gay and lesbians is what you know you dont care about the future of tomorrow and this time leadership will go else where and you will be left alone becoz no one wants you,remember we are 42 tribes.

  8. Huyu jamaa anaitwa George. Lakini alikuwa wapi when baba was being whipped at the coast?

  9. Muko na ujinga sana ...even if you hate RAO----the TRUTH and the naked TRUTH is that its bcz of him that we enjoy all these kinds of fredom eg of EXPRESSION ...mjinga ni wewe and yoo ll remain to be wajingas for good...brainless out RAO is not your playing TOY...bure kabisa

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