MANDAGO promises to ‘teach KIKUYUs a lesson like 2007’ over MWANGI/ RUTO case

.... can damage his Presidential credentials in 2022.

He also says the entry of Peter Kenneth into Jubilee is a secret card by the 'Mt Kenya mafia' to lock out the DP in 2022.

Mandago said the Kikuyu community should not play that game because they know how Kalenjins taught them a lesson in 2017.

He said Kikuyus must support Ruto’s presidential bid in 2022 because Kalenjins have always supported President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“They must reciprocate in 2022 or we teach them a lesson like in 2007,” Mandago said 


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  1. That is not a secret. Ask RAO and Wiper

  2. hate speech bwana mandago. shame.

  3. Bwana Governor you mean the killing lessons, land grabbing, eviction, or is it rape and burning. Mwangi did not take himself to court neither did the Kalenjins. The Kikuyus have no role either. Btw 2022 deal is also between two individuals.....probably you Bw Governor you are the 3rd in the deal.

  4. Enyewe mlituua sana. So u can kill us again. But trust me u will regret starting a skirmish 2022...

  5. BW. Matako, between Ruto and Mwangi, who took the other to court? Shame on you.

  6. Kweli huyu Mandago ni matako tupu

  7. we shall not be blackmailed; he has to prove he is the best for kenya

  8. This is an open secret brother,am a kikuyu and i confirm this to you man

  9. mandango,you cant threaten kikuyu this tyme!Just go ahead tuone how are an idiot!

  10. @Anon: 09:32. This is not hate speech mwanaa, it is democracy. Don't misinterpret Mandago's statement to mean Violence, he means voting pattern. You must be a Kikuyu. NKT!

  11. Is Mt. Kenya only for Kikuyus??? Is Munya a Kikuyu???. We may not know who will be the president of Kenya in 2022 but we all know who will NEVER be the president of Kenya.

  12. if this not hate speech . then Ole Kaparo should tell us what hate speech is.ICC is waiting for people like Mandagoh.

  13. Governor Mandago, now you have talked like somebody with no brains at all. What did you teach the Kikuyus in 2007? Dogs of war like you should be warned that Kenya is not for Kalenjins and Kikuyus only. What Koitalel and syokimau prophesied about the leadership of Kenya years ago? Your DP might never rule Kenya!!!! Other forces said so. The other thing is who is this Mwangi? a crazy bastard is the one being financed by Mt. Kenya people to tarnish the good name of the DP? Madago, use what is between your ears. You are now a war monger.

  14. Wee uliuana 2007,we will fast and turn to our creator
    He will surely hear our prayers
    Tuone utaenda wapi

  15. Wee uliuana 2007,hata Taylor anakula ugali huko Hague, mko sampuli moja na yeye

  16. Kaparo and Tobiko still chasing shadows
    What's this a poem

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