LARRY apologises for saying RUTO’s guards killed 2 women as their names are kept a secret

... the social media with many Kenyans calling for the arrest of Ruto and his rogue bodyguards.

However, Madowo later apologized and said that it was not Ruto’s bodyguards that killed the women but it is Administration Police officers from Daraja Mbili AP camp.

This is what Larry Madowo posted.

“While several sources claimed so last night, there is no official confirmation of that. It could be spin or just incorrect reporting then,” Larry Madowo.

“Update: it is officers from the AP's QRT that shot the 2 women killed in Daraja Mbili, Kisii last evening. It wasn't the DP's bodyguards,” Larry Madowo added.

The names of the two police officers involved in the shooting of innocent civilians have not been released.


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  1. Madowo is a quark an an illicit idiot. Who has informed him its APs. He is in a deep shit messing with APS.

  2. He should be in the cells for uttering such alarmism

  3. Wapi apology! Burukenge

  4. Madowo be careful whenever you come public with unsubstantiated claims

  5. Defamation

  6. Eurobond cash was sent to Larry Madowo via M-Pesa. Why is he changing stories. Infact Larry is now very wrong. It was on the news that kenya Police on Patrol are the ones who shot and not APs as you are trying to fakely insinuate.

  7. I impute no smear or conspiracy theory but leave it to your own maoni. It's campaign time. Rogue and wild statements. Has the law been shelved?

  8. Enter your comment...idiot jaluo mdomo kama bakuri

  9. H.E. RUTO



  10. This boy looks shit. He should go back to the village

  11. Let him answer for his negligence.

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