Kenya is on auto pilot mode! UHURU doesn’t deserve a second term, it is RAILA or no one

.... President himself vowed to fight corruption and instil transparency and openness in governance.”

“He pledged in the Jubilee manifesto that corruption will be a thing of the past,” Bosire said on Monday.

“It is most unfortunate that we have a Commander in Chief that can’t deliver what he promised,” Bosire added.

Bosire who is also the Kitutu Masaba MP said the President has lost control in the management of affairs of the country and he should let other capable leaders like CORD leader, Raila Odinga, show him how the country is governed.


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  1. Kwenda kabisa uka hale hiyo mafi yako inakusumbua tumbo,county zote za cord governors ni kuiba pesa

  2. uhuru alikuwa anamaanisha kwamba katiba imepunguza mamlaka ya rais sio kama siku za moi ama kibaki.

    kuna zile organ zinafaa kushtaki wale waporaji lakini rais hana mamlaka ya kufanya hivyo kama kesi ziko kortini na haijaamuliwa kama wana hatia ama hawana.

    mara mingi tumeona maamuzi ya rais kenyatta yakipingwa na kutupiliwa na korti maana sasa hana mamlaka kama ya kitambo.

  3. It is people like you Bosire who are frustrating the president. Stop contextualizing what the president said to suit yourself.

  4. 12:52 , wise comments

  5. Raila cannot even govern his own house , what would anybody think he can govern the country , and we all know what he would be if he was the governor of this country, raila is bad news of course

  6. We Kenyans forget very easily. The majority voted for the new constitution that actually clipped the powers of the president. Some people are holding offices they cannot be fired from due to the protection by the law; mark you such people know that and are corrupt to boot. Others are mere stooges, they don't deliver services, are the first to shout thief but when a finger is pointed to them, they cry foul and politicize the claims. Are they expecting miracles from state house? Aren't they the very first ones to shout tribe when one of them is accused of something? You can't eat your cake and have it. The law should be treated like shit, taken where it belongs and the sooner the better. It should be applied without fear or favor.

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