KALONZO warns RAILA against inviting MUDAVADI to CORD! I will join UHURU/ RUTO.

.... his running mate in 2017, terming the move as committing political suicide.

He said if Raila Odinga endorses Mudavadi for the top seat, he will also have betrayed other CORD co-principals who have sacrificed a lot for the party.

“We serious disagree with that statement …. And this is the politics of betrayal, people want true leadership to emerge,” Kalonzo said.

Kalonzo said if Raila and his men continue with bravado and chest thumping, he will consider other options.


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  1. water melon attaa hunaa watuuu amaa kuraa mingi kuliko mudavadi. kwenda huukoo.

  2. Wapi Alisema ataenda JP? adm ww Ni ngombe ya m7

  3. 300000 only kambas

  4. Please kaa huko ODM!

  5. Hatutaki melons huku.. kaa huko..

  6. Mudavadi is an Arm chair General waiting to reap where He did not sow

  7. Kwenda kabisa watamelon bure

  8. Kwenda kabisa watamelon bure

  9. Mudavadi only waits to be endorsed...that's why I can't vote for him. And when also dud Mudavadi own the Luyhas?

  10. Let see whether Raila is smart this time, he did the same thing to William Ruto and now is paying. Raila does not need Mudavadi since he already command Luyhas people.

  11. Mudavadi has nothing to offer either Jubilee or Cord, his 350000 vote recorded during 2013,which i highly doubt he can manage currently will not make a deference in either side of the divide..what a colourles politician who waits for others to struggle and come from behind seeking recognition but offering nothing. His decision to decide to work with Cord is out of frustration because Jubilee saw no value in him and therefore paid no attention to him.

  12. wale wanaosema kalonzo atoke ni baadhi ya wanafiki wanaofikiri kwamba Raila anaweza kushinda bila Kalonzo.Raila should support Kalonzo with Mudavadi as the running mate and NOT viceversa as Kambas have been in Cord for the last four years.

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