KALONZO speaks about being appointed Foreign Secretary by UHURU as AMINA joins AU

... should she win a post in the African Union.

Since Amina is likely to win the seat, Kalonzo has been proposed as the next Foreign Affairs CS if he agrees to work with the Jubilee Government.

But speaking on Friday, Kalonzo dismissed this rumour saying he cannot join Jubilee to become a Cabinet secretary.

“Mwai Kibaki once said that even rigging needs some intelligence.”

“Some of these suggestions are devoid of logic.”

“How can I move from the Vice Presidency to be Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary?”

“Is it not better for me to go home?”

“Yet I can’t go home until I have taken Uhuru and Ruto home" Kalonzo said.


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  1. Using the same logic, why did you move from VP to nothing, not even an MCA? Baba said that hata mkia ni nyama, wacha maringo.

  2. Sawa tu kalonzo, you will go home as you have said"the power of the tongue" because the simple logic is that something however small, in your eyes, is better than nothing.

  3. Woow sounds swt

  4. Mr. Kalonzo, you're the one who's devoid of logic!! You moved from vice president to nothing [you're not an MCA,MP,Senator, Governor name them]but here if it were to take that direction, you would move from nothing to Cabinet Secretary. Who's missing the point here????

  5. May I remind you something you said while running away with ODM K. If I am defeatedbin the Presidential race by Mwai Kibaki; it will be P.O Box Tseikuru for me. Lest you forget!!!

  6. Why push it through.his throat. Of course another able Kenyan will take the job anf if asked, i would vote for Macharia Kamau of UN only if its not a demotion to him e.t.c.

  7. Get it in your small head, uliangukia to be VP, you will never b VP again let alone P

  8. Kalonzo's utterances borders blind arrogance.The man appears to be full of himself...He has a big ego which will eat him up...Saitoti was a vice-president in Moi's regime but served in Kibaki's government as a cabinet minister... kibaki was a vice president for 10 years under Moi but later became minister for health.
    I hope the kamba people are taking note of this arrogance. Kalonzo could turn out to be the worst enemy of his people. I hope when sinking to political oblivion, he doesn't descend with the Wakamba.

  9. Truly said

  10. Kalonzo this time use Ukambani famous mitishamba/aka Kawele !

  11. This mindset is the one making these leaders to suffer silently, kalonzo doesnt have an independent mind. A cabinet secretary is even higher than a governor in terms of budget allocation. Hon. Mwai Kibaki was once a VP and later taken to the ministry of health. Who is kalonzo to state that he cannot take a cs post.If ordinary kenyans are assisting the needy in paying for their education, medical fees, why cant cord leaders also assist the needy in the society coz these cases are always in the media but hardly will hear that they " principals" have assisted any needy cases as reported. God cannot allow such leaders to ascend to highest seat of power.

  12. Hello. Kambas are good God fearing people and not the mitishamba guys some Kenyans think. Riswa with your mitishamba. Matusi tu ndio mnajua.

  13. Why not just retire and qualify for the retirement package waiting for you? You have lost five years income and the way. You are going you might yet lose another five years income as you prepare for 2017. That's financial illiteracy and I highly recommend you register for a course on 'finance for non finance managers' at a college most convenient to you.


  15. Jaribu uende Nyumbani tuone.

  16. i respect kalonzo for what he says

  17. Oh lala....We have not forgotten the Shuttle Diplomacy.....

  18. At Kalonzo's level of arrogance plus the poor vision to lead Kamba community to a political dustbin commonly known as cord he can start walking slowly to Tseikuru.Who does not know he has reached his political menopause and charis matic comatose and hence the morose .

  19. If Madam Amina has to exit, she must be replaced a dynamic and hardworking WOMAN like her. NOT a lazy man with no vision like Kalonzo.

  20. Kalonzo should be a stay home granddad. Home is where he belongs, not in the public.

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