KALENJINs give KIKUYUs an ultimatum ahead of 2022 - You must support RUTO or else……

... Mt Kenya to ensure Ruto becomes President.

“We are now fully in Jubilee [Party] and behind Uhuru and Ruto.”

“But in 2022, as per our agreement, we will want Mt Kenya to reciprocate the gesture by backing us.”

“We have no doubt they will do it,” he said.

He said Kalenjins fully supported Uhuru since 2013 and it would be sad if Mt Kenya does not fulfill its promise to back Ruto by endorsing another candidate.

Chepkwony warned that if Kikuyus fail to support Ruto in 2022, there will be dire consequences that will shock the whole country.


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  1. We will support a Luo in 2022.

  2. Shouldn't it be the other way round?

  3. DP Bill will be the JP guy in 2022 and he will make for the president. Those dreaming of Joho , RAO, and what have, just forget it, William and Rachael will be the new residents of State House.

  4. Mavi ya ubwa jaluo..plis dont comment about this.its non of ur ass fucking business!

  5. This is the simple arithmetic even milk seller or mama mbonga can do....Kikuyu and Luos will join hands to block William Ruto to ascend in powers...just like in 2002 Kikuyus and Luos voted for Kibaki, when push comes to shove Luos and Kikuyus will unite....Kikuyus have used Ruto no wonder Chepkwonyi is worried ..he has been used like a condom just like Kalonzo...be assured Isaac Ruto and Gedion Moi will be on the other side and counter the temperament of William Ruto...bearing in MIND William Ruto has son many case rather claims of theft, land grabbing and corruption , ICC which will see him in the next semester spending more time in court to clear his name just like Donald Trump..William Ruto is unacceptable and will go by the wind just like other kenyan vice president....in short KIKUYUS to vote for William Ruto is like waiting for a Ship in Air strip.....2007/2008 clashes are still fresh in our mind especially KIAMBA church....so Kalenjins you better give us another candidate like Gedion...this leadership of kenya iko na wenyewe. On othe hand Kikuyus will still give us a candidate whether Kabogo or Kenneth or Karua we are are still waiting not unless UHURU become running mate of Ruto of course constitution still allows....watch this space

  6. Its true kenyan politics swings betweem Luos, Kikuyus and Kalenjin and at no point these tribes will vote as one....yaani one must be outside the triangle and form allinance with other many but minority tribes like coast, western, somali and kambasa.....

  7. Am sory my friend you will be in a road shock its pure day dreaming

  8. Who the hell are u threatening kenyans. Our country is bigger than any person. We have the necessary personnel to deal any fujo! Jaribu uone!!

  9. KILA MTU KWAO period, no Mijikenda is a matatu taout in Kiambu but Kikuyus are manamba in Coast ferry...they must live in fear...kwisha sasa

  10. the biggest enemy to Ruto's bid are Kalejins themselves. Isaac, Gideon etc.

  11. Mujinga wewe,lumbwa jaribu utujue vizuri tutakunyonga uhuru park jaribu tu

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