Jubilee MP says RUTO might kill BONIFACE like JACOB JUMA - He is touching a live wire.

....worth it for where he is going,” Barua said.

“Boniface is on a journey and we do not know what he wants to be.”

“If I was Ruto I would have studied his trajectory,” Barua added.

He also said Mwangi is not alone and is being financed by people who want to tarnish the name of the Deputy President.

“Boniface Mwangi is not working for himself,” the MP said.

Ruto sued Mwangi after he claimed that he was the one who killed city businessman, Jacob Juma, in May this year. 

Mwangi has counter-sued by asking the DP to prove that he is not the one who killed Juma.


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  1. Envy of the DP's political charm & his high intelligence which he has ably applied to survive politically is the primary reason those who hate him want to see him completely set on a permanent destruction course. The prospects of a CORD government in post 2017 election era is causing a lot stress and tension among the opposition big wigs and the iron lady who does not like the DP not for minute. The DP is evidently very likely to ascend to being the 5th president of independent Kenya. This prospect is enough to send the death nail though some heads, especially in CORD. It is also understood that the DP could potentially be ruthless to his sirviving political nemises. This fear is real and unless the gd Lord intervenes, many of these guys in politics of hate could be in a lot of trouble if the DP suspends his salvation for a day. The only hope guys have is that the DP's wife will step in and pray for the DP to forgive these guys. Mwangi just happens be a cheap fellow ready to be used for a small fee by the guys who dread a DP lead government. The Jaco Jummwa contraversial demise is only a soft board for these guys to launch their attack through Mwangi.

  2. Idiot. Who attacked who? Boniface Mwangi has been around long enough and is known for what he does. The DP is the one who blundered by taking him to court insteady of just ignoring what the boy said. Go back to school.

  3. Don't talk about life and death so casually. Please we may disagree with Ruto in many ways but let's not be a lynch mob. Drop the facts and let them get a life of their own in the imagination of Kenyan's but this low key war in the dark against anybody is abhorrent. There are any number of Kenyan's who need to be watched. This use and abuse ideology will come back to bite.

  4. @Anon:20:02. IDIOT!

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