JOHO joins RAILA & delves into murky waters of UHURU/ RUTO’s secret project in Murang’a



For some time now, we in Opposition have talked policies of the National Government that have led to the marginalization and economic sabotage of regions and communities. Such policies have been both intentional and accidental. They are both historical and current.

The Northern Collector Tunnel that seeks to tap water out of about seven rivers that feed the River Tana falls right in the category of State policies whose impact will be marginalisation and economic marginalisation of whole communities and regions.

We could have been tempted to excuse it, to sit back, try to understand where the National Government is coming from, and treat it as a mistake made in good faith. But the Jubilee government is digging in and digging more tunnels, maintaining that the Northern Collector Tunnel is a perfect, irreversible idea. This therefore is a deliberate act of economic sabotage.

This is not just about Muranga, which in itself has suffered the consequences of ill-conceived State policies in the past with regard to coffee and tea industries. This is about the entire Tana River basin which comprises over 138,000 square kilometers and serves over 12 million people across 20 Counties.

For Garissa, Tana River and parts of Kilifi, the Tana is a lifeline in every sense of the word. Unfortunately, these counties, together with others upstream in Ukambani, are among the poorest and marginalized in Kenya.

Like the people of Muranga, these counties cannot afford any further marginalization and sabotage. Unfortunately, this is what the Northern Collector Tunnel will end up doing.

Yet Jubilee, in a brazen show of impunity and reckless arrogance, has ignored the right to public participation of the people in the Tana River basin and continues to implement the program despite the cries of the people in Muranga and complete ignorance of the people from other affected regions. In fact, most of the people downstream, if not all, heard about this project for the first time when Hon Raila Odinga spoke about it two days ago. This is impunity and deliberate act of sabotage.

Despite denials by the government, reports of this project indicate that it was designed, commissioned and construction commenced before an Environmental Impact Assessment report was prepared and....

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  1. Stupid Joho is it only Kikuyu's and Kales living in Nairobi.You are one person who has travelled all corners of the world and with the rich ideas you get from there you cannot even help to create employment for Mombasa youth. Just make good use of County funds to better futhy Mombasa. You are not helping to raise Rao's profile but bringing down what he has buildup.

  2. Joho all Kenyan's are aware your wish is the money for that project be deposited into your account. Greedy bastard.

  3. Joho,stop bringing your primitive on this issue take your nonses Kampala degree pwani,burukenge wewe

  4. Any sensible muranga citizen is supporting rao on this!! Sycophancy kando

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