JOHO is a dangerous man and RAILA DOINGA should stop working with him - ODM MP.

... work with.

"We are seeing a very dangerous leader who is not promising anything to the people and is capitalising on others’ sweat," Mwaura said in reference to Joho.

Mwaura concluded by saying that he does not expect Joho to win any serious seat in the country outside his Mombasa base.

“Characters like Joho cannot be allowed to be in-charge of our country.”

“We risk serious problems if they are," he said.

Joho has severally said that he will contest for the presidency in 2022.


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  1. LOOK who is talking about trust u fooled btw joho and u who we help from poverty to parliament who should be trusted.think before u speak

  2. You helped you and who idiot. You cannot write readable English maggot. Nyenyenye.... You can compare mwaura and lewd character like u. Ends utairiwe parrot. Nkt

  3. true, true JOHO ni gondi na si mtu poa, enyi wakenya , musiseme hamukuonywa!!!!

  4. Pharmacist joho inc

  5. Trust?dont jst talk becouse u got a mouth.Wajua ww tanzania ni hela?joho ndo wakutrust sio kama ww mavi wa central,after being help umeditch odm then ur talkng abt those who can not be trusted.

  6. Mwaura are so lucky because you got what you did not work for . We thank Raila for giving you free appointment. Try your lucky at Ruiru and know what real politic is in kenya . we dont need your advise.

  7. who is mwaura in kenya`s political cycle??

  8. Politics imbu nyamazeni!!!

  9. Alubino kibino bino Mwaura a cursed Alubino go back in Tz where your liver & kidneys will be lunch.

  10. I agree with Mwaura. Ingawa yeye ni hela i @anon22:24 insinuates? Mwaura has proved he can protect all the albinos plus himself and many other disadvantaged groups. That ability is the one which earned him that nomination.

  11. Mwaura is a fraud. A user. A tribalist. Where was he before CORD picked and dusted him? He is reaping where he didn't sow.

    A hyena can't tell a sheep that a lion is dangerous.

  12. u stupid stop idling to JOHO mind your business yako yamekushida wakimbilia jubilee sytleup mwaura

  13. my brother has no high moral ground to lecture on the trustability of other people yet he was pampard by cord

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