JANET WANJA’s mzungu husband busted cheating on her with another lady (PHOTOs).


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  1. Too ugly

  2. She deserves it.

  3. Husband or her ancestor

  4. she just had to pick withered muzungu for a hubby, any way she has no figure and wazungu like tall slender ladder girls.....

  5. hatoshi, wanja ulijua, hata kama ni michuzi... Hiki ni ki ugly kweli

  6. Bure Kabisa. Hapo Wanja ulitupa mbao

  7. If you make nasty comments about Wanja you are as ignorant as her estranged husband. If a sleeze ball cheats on his wife with a prostitute, over indulges in drugs and alcohol that is not the fault of the wife that is the loss of a foolish person who is not worthy of the title "husband" or "man". The quote "she has not fulfilled her marital duties" made by this fool just shows the level of ignorance. You "would" have to PAY someone to fulfil "duties" with someone as disgusting as him. A beautiful lady such as Wanja deserves so much more than an idiot and ugly being such as Mr. Swearman.

  8. Wonder if those passing comments have ever met the person concerned or just making comments without any foundation.Where is the evidence that drugs or booze was taken

  9. Where is the evidence regarding the person taking drugs. Does anyone making the comments actually know who the guy is or met him

  10. Where is the evidence of drug taking

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