Is RAILA planning to overthrow UHURU after the sh5 billion scandal involving his family?

Monday, October 31, 2016 - Pressure has continued to pile on President Uhuru Kenyatta to resign from office following the advent of the sh5 billion scandal in the Ministry of Health in which his cousin, Kathleen Kihanya, and his sister, Nyokabi Muthama, were linked directly to the theft of the money.

Speaking during the burial of Clara Kibukosya, grandmother of Raila Odinga junior’s wife, Yvone, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga challenged Uhuru to step down from office because he cannot be trusted to fight corruption anymore since his family is deeply involved.

He said it is only him who can fight corruption as he has demonstrated before and told Uhuru to get out of the office and let him take over.

“The President knows all those behind the theft of funds at the Ministry of Health; he should leave office and let those capable of running Government take over,” Raila said.


  1. Raila keep them on their toes

  2. there is nothing like taking power, wait for the right time and compete like others for a mandate from all kenyans.

  3. Yes but first RAO should rfund the Kazi kwa vijana, mumias, maize and molasses money before he start pontificating from the roof tops. We know when he was PM the scandals he occasioned. Land theft by his ministers, employing his kin and kith etc. Those living in glass houses should never throw stones. RAO is not the panacea graft oe no graft.


  5. Thanks baba for exposing thieves

  6. uSELESS.HE IS NOT AN ANGEL but a molasses theif.

  7. Keep politics and Raila out of this. If this is your country ,it is time we should think as Kenyans and fight this graft. If we continue supporting such corruption then Kenya is headed to doom. The rich will keep getting rich while the poor will keep dying.

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