Is RAILA planning another massacre and bloodshed in 2017? See what he has vowed to do

Friday October 28, 2016 - Another cycle of election-related violence and bloodshed could be in the offing if plans by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s CORD are anything to go by.

The Opposition has threatened to boycott the 2017 General Elections if there will be no new voters’ register by then.

According to Siaya Senator James Orengo, a full audit of the voters’ register must be done otherwise, there will be no elections in 2017.

Orengo, who co-chaired the House team on electoral reforms, noted that CORD was not happy with the progress of electoral reforms and wants a full audit of the register before 2017, or else there will be trouble

"The IEBC wants to water down the agreed level of the audit. It is part of the ruinous mess that has characterized elections in Kenya twice in a row," Orengo said.

CORD dismissed a tender by IEBC seeking for the audit of the voters’ register as hogwash.

“The eligibility required, as published by you, is so thin that it is evident you are not looking for the best people in business who must have an international reputation and experience," he said.


  1. Where is the delay in the initiation of the voter register audit if the new IEBC Commissioner, who CORD says is the only legitimate team that can procure the audit agency is yet to be on board? CORD must be seen to be a coordinated opposition and not a fragmentation of individuals who like media publicity to just make headline news. Every Kenyan must comprehend that burning the country will affect all Kenyans equally and no one will be spared. Those with a high preference for causing trouble must realize they are not the only experts in this activity. We have all seen the effect of appearing at the ICC while others have personally experienced it, and it's not funny. The 2017 elections will be exactly a decade since the in famous 2007 bungled elctions. It can not be true that some people are already talking about causing fresh skirmishes if xyz does not happen instead of being proactive and unblocking whatever impediments that may be on the way is sober and prudent manner within the law. It beats me to see and hear leaders and the elite in privileged positions either in Parliament's either House or in Political Parties giving altimatums to each other and making zero effort to talk with each other to find a way forward. How and do Kenyans elect people whose idea about leadership is how to destroy and destruct normalcy? These days it appears the default means to achieve traction on anyghing is street demos which is very sad indeed for one of the major political party to revert to such an option even without a thought of the likely consequence. The right to protest and picket as enshrined in the Constitution should not be invoked illogically because it can be quite fatal and costly.

  2. My prayer to all those who want to plunge This nation into chaos,is that,May You all change that perception and allow God to change your hearts n preach for peace.however,my prayer to God is for them to remain silence till the time of élection is over.Zacharia in the bible was silenced when he doubted the miracle which God wanted to give.

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