I cannot sacrifice my bid to State House for RAILA again in 2017 - KALONZO swears by God.

... sacrificed for this nation.”

“Who else can I sacrifice for? I must be a level higher than I am now after 2017.”

“This is my condition; that I must be in the Government where my job will be uniting Kenyans because I am a man of peace,” Kalonzo said.

He also said that he has no quarrel with anyone and he was ready to accommodate everybody in his Government, promising that he had the solution to the country’s problem.

“I am telling my colleagues that we cannot afford to give Jubilee government one extra day in office after the 2017 elections,” Kalonzo said.


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  1. Musyoka, Kindly remind kenyan when you sacrificed fir Mwai kibaki ..you should thank him he gave you a job when you were jobless. Now, try to talk to Uhuruto nicely. .2017 you can get a job.. umesota sana 4 years.

  2. our man fight on you must be in the balot as presidential in 2017 candidate not just ku saidia watuu saa yoteeeeeeee.

  3. You don't know what you are saying. probably is because you hail from kibaki's backyard.Be reminded that, it was kibaki who requested kalonzo for help from the jaws of ODM.Please think.

  4. I agree with you Steve - it is time to join the winning team. Do not ever dream that Rao will say "Kalonzo tosha" never my friend. Also, remember that Kambas alone cannot make you president. You may have to eat humble pie and join hands with Uhuru / Ruto. Honestly I do not see any alternative for you - karibu ndugu.

  5. Woi watermelon, now you know your color, who can trust you? I doubt if Hata kiti CS itapatikana? Try governor of ukambani...

  6. @anonymous8:12, wapi na atashidwo na mutua ama kwao ni kitui? all the best.

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