I can die for RAILA and I have vowed to make sure he kicks UHURU out of State House

... would storm Eldoret at an unspecified date to popularise ODM and Raila’s candidacy.

Joho's sentiments on his willingness to give up his life for Raila to ascend to the presidency come amid a scare that the CORD coalition has broken up.

On Friday, Raila Odinga sent strong indications that ODM will go it alone in 2017 and advised ODM supporters to popularise the party instead of CORD.

Raila’s sentiments came days after Wiper Democratic Movement announced that their leader, Kalonzo Musyoka, was the preferred CORD flag bearer and they would take nothing less.


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  1. Haya, you are being awaited lets see where your flamboyance will take you and you careless mouth

  2. It is very unfortunate mr. governor you do not have the clout and neither the votes to do that. We, the citizens of Kenya, will determine how long Mr. President will live in the house on the hill. As for the empty words you keep blowing into the microphones, please do continue; it is your constitutional right to rap.

  3. Joho you are just looking for a direct odm nomination tick by pretending that you can help raila.

  4. @22:36 Hahaha!! Well said! Joho pls continue rapping on the Mic! It is ur constiturional right! but Joho pls remember hii inchi ina wenyewe na wewe sio mmoja wa wenyewe and Werstern Countries stooge raila will never be orezo! Moi refused to hang raila after 1982 Coup attempt and he told raila "Sitanyonga wewe ili ukae uhai ili ukuwe unaona wengine wakikuwa rais lakini wewe hautawahi kuwa rais!" I say no more!

  5. How many have ever heard a hog snot? I think I heard one in Kisumu lately.

  6. Curious! Is there any other Kenyan named after RAO! We know children named after Obama, Kenyatta, Ruto, Moi! But hii jina ya RAO ni kama watu wameikwara

  7. Ati JOHO is ready to die for RAO! Hehehehe Joho aseme anataka mwili izikwe wapi mara hiyo hiyo!

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