Huyu amerogwa ama? This is what CHRIS BROWN did to a LADY at the hotel he is staying.

.... the hotel and found the receptionist speaking on her mobile phone.

The hotel’s fixed line had a problem and that’s why she was using her mobile phone.

He grabbed it and smashed it on the floor for no reason.

The receptionist was speaking on phone after she experienced some problems communicating on a fixed line.”

“Brown walked to her and grabbed the phone and checked whether it was on camera mode.”

“Despite the woman not taking photos, Brown tossed off the phone as he walked away and it fell down with the parts breaking,” the eye witness said.


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  1. That lady should be sacked.She should not make calls openly on mobile phones nor even have a mobile phone during working hours at any high class hotel.She was spying on him.It served her right

  2. Oh not again. How could he smash a receptionist's phone just walk away as it he just hit a goue fly? The receptionist should demand for justice. Kenyans should recall yhe DRC musician Kofi Olomide kicking one of his dancers. Brown needs to be arrested and I urge the receptinist and her employer to sue him for damages.

  3. let him be deported. we are tired of such wicked people

  4. Why kenyans are worshipng this idiot?Just because is an American?American my foot!
    Pple should even boycott his concert.Who does he think he is.Stupid American.

  5. He is not exceptional from olomide
    Let him be deported

  6. Please madam CS deport this useless AMERICAN. Be consistent in your work. Why deport Koffi and not this man??? And where are Kenyans on tweater. Are they fearing Americans??????

  7. Has she reported to the police? This dude has a problem like olomide. Remember he once beat up Rihana. Its time that he was beaten up!

  8. He is a disgrace to his person, fellow musicians,kenyans,Africa, America and world at large. he should be ashamed of himself.but life is funny.Despite all these ujinga he will just die some day and be forgotten completely, bomboclaat yeye

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