Here is why RAILA ODINGA may be arrested by UHURU/ RUTO any time from now.

... current IEBC Commissioners.

On Thursday, Raila asked members of the Maasai community to carry rungus, spears and arrows and match to Nairobi to evict electoral commissioners from office.

Gathenji termed Raila’s sentiments as dishonor to the country saying they can lead to ethnic violence.

The vocal MP insisted that if Raila is not arrested, they will take action as the ruling coalition.


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  1. Raila has a girlfriend in Masai land. The father of Railas girl friend ,who was a respected man in Kasai community passed on recently. Since there is leadership vacuum among that tribe Raila wants to use this opportunity to establish himself as a Masai leader. Very soon he will make it public of his girlfriend. At present dowry negotiation is going on. Raila has boasted that Moi thought he paralyzed his manhood but he did not. The special nyayo branch that was supposed to do that work lied to Moi. They new Raila can father a leader , hence did not want to mess with Raila manhood.It is now romoured that though Raila will never become the president of kenya. One of the baby that Raila and her current Masai girl fried(who has also seeds of leadership in her) will produce the first Luo president , though the kid will be half Luo,half Masai. So leave Raila alone he knows what he is doing in Masai Land.Shading of blood and Raila is like twin brothers. He want to sacrifice Masai's on behalf of future president.

  2. doddling talk is the bane of u pple.Asvif forced to talk.from st to the high office....redarded

  3. Where was Gathenji in 1990s when peple wre fighting for multipartism he is enjoying now. Who is he to direct the cid to arrest. Gathenji can rewsign as an mp and proceed to be ion charge of cid

  4. Ulevi ya uongozi itawamaliza nyinyi team mafisikula nyama choma sisi tukimeza mate

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