Here is that moment OWINO nearly clobbered MWANGI on a live interview on NTV (VIDEO)

Friday, October 7, 2016 - This is the moment police spokesman Charles Owino lost his cool during a live debate on NTV after activist Boniface Mwangi accused him of defending ‘hit squads’ within the police.

The vocal activist claimed that there are rogue officers used to eliminate Government critics while citing the brutal murder of businessman, Jacob Juma.

Owino was so incensed that he almost got physical with the defiant activist who’s never shy of confronting powerful Government individuals.

Watch the video below. 

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  1. What's the IQ of this bastard mwangi? I watched the interview and am sure making noise and irritating is the only job available for his faculties.

  2. Surely.... Am a Kikuyu but even if its seeking popularity, with such a low I.Q., what makes Mwangi begin to imagine that i'd vote for him if he wanted to become president today or in future??? Mwangi rimwe waragia ta nugu ya jamba no ti ta mundu....

  3. Owino is a murderer,rapist and a land grabber.He grabbed lands in njoro and raped vulnerable old women before he was whisked back to Nairobi for stupidity. Mwangi keep up the good work,the force is full of thugs masquerading as police and are used to intimidate innocent civilians by politicians.Anon 03:31 grow some balls idiot.Tiga gwiciria ta kihii

  4. 19:52 & 03:31... You're so so blind.

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