Here is the speech by RAILA ODINGA in Kilifi today where he attacks UHURU/ RUTO

.... mandate period (1963-2008) the state “adopted economic and other policies that resulted in the economic marginalization of five key regions in the country: North Eastern and Upper Eastern; Coast; Nyanza; Western; and North Rift.”

Marginalization of this region was also a result of “confluence of interests arising from the region’s strategic value as a principal gateway to the country and the East and Central African region and its valued seafront land resources.

TJRC found that the seed of economic marginalization were planted by the Sessional Paper No. 10 titled ‘African Socialism and its Application to Planning in Kenya’ published in 1965. The policy justified prioritization of investment in certain regions to the exclusion of others.

We believe the full implementation of the TJRC report holds key to addressing injustices like the poverty that stalks Kilifi. The National Government in Nairobi has a debt to pay to the people of Kilifi and other parts of the country. This debt must be paid not through harambee or some acts of charity but as a matter of policy.

TJRC tasked the National Government to formulate, adopt and implement a policy that deliberately targets the socio-economic development of this region and other historically marginalized regions within 12 months of the report. The policy was to include strategic development plans and budgetary allocations aimed at the economic and social development of marginalized communities. These reparative actions were to be over and above the provisions of the Constitution on the Equalization Fund.

The National Government was enquired to invest in building efficient road networks linking marginalized areas with the rest of Kenya, building boreholes and water-catchment systems, building hospitals within reach of all communities, adequately stocked and well-staffed, schools with adequate facilities, courts of law, and ensure that all government services and public facilities are available to them. It is clear Jubilee will not implement the report, and the sanctioned marginalization will continue unless we make them pay a heavy price for that failure.

As we push for the debt owed to this region to be paid, we must take full advantage of the opportunities the county provides. We now need to move with speed and invest in value addition with regard to agricultural produce.

Kilifi must now invest in processing and branding its produce, including cashew nuts, fish, coconut, pineapples, mangoes, chilies, milk and beef under the label of Produce of Malindi and prepare them for both domestic and international markets. We need appropriate investment in factories that will convert your mineral deposits into finished products for local and foreign markets.

We must enhance support services and make them accessible and more effective for farmers.

We must boost economic output by strengthening more effective movement of products and information between buyers and sellers and promoting access to markets. You should focus on areas in which modest investment will have positive impact on people’s lives.

As a region, you must pull together in one direction. I encourage you to forge strategic connections with neighbours to increase development across the region. Closer ties with neighbouring counties will enable you tap into the shared resources and grow together.
I appeal to the County government to invest in the youth by investing in early education, income generating opportunities, entrepreneurship training and providing them with grants and loans for business.

Investors have heeded our call to see what we have to offer. We must reciprocate by removing unnecessary licensing requirements that impede investment. We must make all investors feel wanted and welcome. Investors must compete on a level playing field, under the same, well defined rules.

We will always support demands by counties for more resources. We still believe in increasing funding to at least 45 per cent. But service delivery remains your best bet. If county governments deliver better services to the people, the people will in turn demand devolution of more power and resources to the counties. Counties must never duplicate the wastage, corruption and lack of accountability that has long haunted the National Government.

Thank you all.

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  1. the 3 regimes you are talking about you are one of them what did you do as the prime ministrer

  2. My friend were you not part of the 3 regime???

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