Here is a Minister who never slept with his 4 wives! JOMO KENYATTA was a dictator.

.... Office of the President.

According to the book, Koinange is said to have revealed to a friend that he was afraid of sharing a room with any of his four wives just to guard Mzee Kenyatta’s secrets.

“What would happen if I dreamt in my sleep and started divulging Jomo’s secrets?”

“I certainly cannot live with such an eventuality, so I decided never to share a bedroom with anyone, my wives included,” he once said.

Koinange is said to have rented an apartment in Norfolk Hotel where he used to sleep in all his time as Mzee Kenyatta’s confidante and trustee.

Koinange died in 1981, three years after the death of Mzee.


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  1. Enter your comment...Is that the father of Jeff Koinange.

  2. U dropped history why??

  3. He is Jeff's uncle

  4. Foolishness!He died with his fucking secrets.

  5. Where did the Koinange family come from? Stop being childish.

  6. Who doesn't know Kenyatta fathered Jeff when his father was busy guarding kenyattas secrets

  7. Homeguard...serves him right

  8. Read well! The report does not say he never slept with (sorry, can't use the F word cos of my upbringing) them,but rather did not spend a night with them.

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