Handsome HASSAN JOHO has misappropriated over Sh 32 billion - NKAISSERY reveals

Friday October 28, 2016 - Mombasa Governor, Ali Hassan, Joho has misappropriated Sh 32 billion, Interior Coordination Cabinet Joseph Nkaissery has claimed.

Speaking on Wednesday at Akamba handicraft industry in Changamwe, Nkaissery accused Joho of misusing taxpayers’ money.

Nkaissery said the Mombasa County Government has received at least Sh 32 billion from the exchequer in four years but there is nothing to show for it.

Nkaissery was responding to MP, Omar Mwinyi, who said the national Government has sidelined Mombasa, leading to poor development.

The MP said poor politics by national Government leaders means lack of jobs, poor heath and poor education services.

“We do not need harambees . We only need the Government to open the cheque books and give money for revival of factories like the Kenya Petroleum Refinery,” said Mwinyi.

But Nkaissery told Mwinyi to direct his question to Joho, who he said has been receiving a lot of money from the national Government in addition to the revenue the County collects.


  1. So what exactly is wrong with this nation of ours. No side is any better the ruling Jubilee or the opposition CORD. who is policing who if both sides are populated by thieves. Like somebody comment elsewhere in either the standard or Nation newspaper online version "we need a revolution" to change this country forever. we instil values to all and sundry for future generations. For posterity. What we have now is a very sick joke nof so called "LEADERS"

  2. Think before writing, where dd the 32 billion come from and since devolution mombasa county has not received over 15 billion.

  3. It seems this money is too much for the governors.If its possible these money be distributed to governor,senator,mp,mca and women rep to avoid of misappropriation.

  4. Since when did Nkaisery become Ouko? HAs he abandoned his security docket? This man should Uhuru sack. VEry useless!

  5. WOOOO weeee. Since when did Major nkesseri( std8 8dropper out) become an auditor. siasa ya MOI, being in opposition hati NO development" BACKWARD THINKING FROM MAJOR.

  6. Anon 01:32,Are you Joho or the county secretary??The rot in Mombasa will shock the world.Senator Omar has been blowing the whistle foe a long time but politics have always been covering it up.Omar was the best friend to the so called Joho.That is why he is quiet now because he is stealing money to impress his boss.Wait until the scandal is unearthed.

  7. yhis blogger need to be sent jail

  8. Huyu mzee resign urudi kwa siasa. All shabaab is killing people and you are busy talking about Joho.

  9. Has Nkaissery taken Auditor General's job ????
    The General should tell Kenyan why Shabab keeps hitting us even after wananchi volunteer info in advance.

  10. Mwizi na venye hujifanya ako na noti.Yule mama alihepa hazii yake akidhani huyu fala ako na bank account nono karibuni atashangaa.

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