Ground is shifting as KIKUYUs beg RAILA to start a revolution - UHURU is stealing from us

Saturday, 29 October 2016 - With less than one year to the 2017 General Elections, President Uhuru Kenyatta is slowly losing the grip of the country over the level of corruption in his Government.

Over the last two years, Uhuru’s Government has faced a series of corruption scandals that have left millions of Kenyans angry and blaming the President of not doing enough to curb corruption.

Though many scandals inside the Government have been swept under the carpet, the recent blatant thievery in the Ministry of Health has united Kenyans against the Government.

CORD and Jubilee supporters united and begged CORD leader, Raila Odinga, to lead a revolution to evict these thieves from offices and ensure they rot in prison.

Here is one Kikuyu from Muranga County who begged Raila Odinga for help!

“Maybe an impromptu visit to KNH by Raila will make the Government remember such a facility even exists. Wake the nation up of what the MoH's game of bingo and marbles actually translates to. Seems Raila is the Government's actions trigger.

And I voice as one whose family has suffered irreparable emotional grievance from the facility. It’s all great until it hits you personally. Then, reality hits you like fecal matter to your face,”


  1. Ata mm hakuna vote ya UK

  2. KNH is a den of corruption. U are told there is no medicine and given a prescription to buy only for staff to collect the same under your name and sell. The same are later charged on your bill. If u are sharp enough to notice, you are tossed around and threatened by the caertels operating there. But then, do we really have a government to complain to?

  3. Not Raila...bring somebody else from the lake but not Aguambo... Let him go and give his vitendawili to his corrupt governors. If he is sincere...that's where his work is cut out...

  4. This is a serious case of theft of public resources by public servants which affect everybody regardless of where one comes from,let us not be myopic in our dealing with serious national issues

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