GITURA’s statement supporting RAILA’s dossier on Jubilee tunnels of death in Muranga

.... thank the Murang’a County Government for having appointed a technical committee as was agreed at the Golden Palm Hotel in the leaders and stakeholders meeting aforesaid. I have read there report, and I would like to take this early opportunity to thank the committee for a job well done. 

Among the findings made are that,

– the tunnel will seriously affect the aquifers lying between the three rivers and Ndakaini dam, and have serious environmental and other effects on the said rivers and more so on the people living downstream and depend on the rivers,

– it is not sustainable for the tunnel and the water supply to depend solely on flood waters from the three rivers as the AWSB has been propagating to be the case. Extraction of the water will cause water shortage to an already thirsty region. The people living downstream could very well lose the benefit of water which has sustained their livelihood since time immemorial.

– Murang’a cannot afford to repeat the Ndakaini mistake. Ndakaini has continued to supply 75% of all the water needs of Nairobi without anything to show for it. Since Nairobi produces 60% of our GDP, how much does the 75% of the water contribute to the GDP and what does Murang’a have to show for it? These are issues that have been consistently swept under the carpet.

– it is time for Murang’a County to come out with a strategy of how best to sustainably utilize its water for its own benefit and that of those others including Nairobi who may need the service. Murang’a should not give away its water as it were, only to buy it in the future when the need shall arise. We must think strategically and generate revenue to help develop our county.

For the foregoing reasons, I reiterate my consistent stand on this issue. Murang’a County must do what is right now for both the present and future generations. We cannot afford to do anything that will jeopardize our county. AWSB must stop its propaganda and respect the rights of Murang’a people. We appointed the committee of experts at a meeting at which AWSB was represented by no less than its CEO. We must respect the position and advise given by the committee. 

We must not allow AWSB to continue with its propaganda misleading our people on the tunnel and related matters. I consequently trust that that Muranga County Assembly shall make the necessary resolution in line with the experts’ report and that our Governor will not sign any agreement with the AWSB to destroy our heritage and give away our

Kembi Gitura

Muranga Senator.

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  1. Hapo ni kweli Our senator. We might buy water from Nairobi in near future if this project continues. Na hiyo midomo ya media houses we dont want to hear their propagandas . They made us to switch to other stations whenever they try to bring this kind of adverts. They should know we have brains too and we are watching them. Wachukue maji ya kiambu yote kwanza . Nairobi should clean their rivers and then collect the whole of it. Wanatuchukuliajyyyy?

    Im from loco. 20

  2. Who is smarter now? RAO ofcourse

  3. I think now people from central Kenya especially Murang`a county should appreciate RAO,s fight against the project

  4. appointment of another technical committee was a waste of time as another one had done the job already.

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