GHAI! What happens in ATWOLI’s palatial home in Kitengela will shock you, S£X will kill him.

... Fridays and leave on Sunday evenings.

According to Atwoli’s neighbours, this has been going on for the last 8 months.

The neighbours suspect that Atwoli may have turned his palatial home into a s3x den since none of his wives lives there.

They only come to visit him since he has built them their own homes.

Atwoli’s randy behaviour is well known in the political circles.

He is currently involved in an illicit affair with former SONU Vice-Chairman, Irene Kendi, a well known city gold-digger who confessed in a leaked audio that she offers her body freely to any man with good money.


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  1. And yet we hear him foaming at the mouth for workers. His bling makes me sick.

  2. How does Franco finance his life style unless his COTU salary and allowances are out to fleece the poor workers who have to finance COTU though their union dues.

  3. Enter your comment...Admn the home is nt in Kitengela it's way past kajiado town on your way to Ilbissil

  4. He is creating sexployment, go go go Atwoli.

  5. On your way back to hell, yes


  7. this is madness

  8. Give the old man a few more months. He has already suffered stroke once and he will be done by the next. I believe he has no energy to engage in hanky panky business but equally older men pay him to bring the young lasses. Just may be, he has become a pimp.

  9. leave mzee alone.these neighbours are snoopy.

  10. Is AIDS still there or was it cured and forgotten?

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