BINYAVANGA reveals his H!V positive and how he is being treated like trash in Germany.

….. lot of racism in the queer community in `Germany and France, AND most of Europe . I have been in Berlin for five months now, and all I have got to show for being an out gay african intellectual, independent, and not supported by any donor money is silence.

NO single LGBT organization in Germany has seen fit to even acknowledge my presence in your country. All I am is a hiv virus. And all my engagement is about the fact that I need medication which costs 1000 euros in Germany, and my private insurance by DAAD doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. 

Even friendships are hard to come by in the queer community here. And France where I will be for two weeks starting on the 29th. i mean, you can use me to talk to immigrant communities about being a sane hiv positive person in the world today. cannot get over the colour of my skin.” Binyavanga posted on  Facebook .


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  1. Wee enda ukafirwe

  2. Binyanga! Binyanga! Did the Germans & French make you gay or sick?!! Be gracious that you are getting any treatment at all. Shocked that you are now HIV+. Pole.

  3. go back home!what special treatment to you being guy special

  4. Ati unataka uwe recognised? Shame on you. Wazungu watakund....nya mpaka your filthy mkundu ipasuke.

  5. Raira should intervene.... Afterall aren't Jaruos the community most infested by gayism in Kenya???

  6. You made a mistake of copying the behaviour of whites and now the same fellows have refused to accept you. Come back home and receive treatment. There are many people in Kenya who are gay and HIV positive and are receiving excellent treatment in our hospitals.

  7. A dog remains a dog whether its german shepherd or british hound or french mongrel...

  8. aaah thieokiumagha

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