BENSOUDA issues a red alert on UHURU and RAILA over the 2017 poll - You will go to jail!

Saturday, October 1, 2016 - International Criminal Court (ICC) Chief Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, has said that the ICC court will be watching carefully on how the 2017 Presidential elections will be conducted in Kenya.

In an interview with Journalists for Justice, Bensouda, said though the court failed to prosecute criminals who speared Kenya’s 2007-08 post election violence, this time around her office will be watching the country careful.

“Until now, Kenya is a State Party to the Rome Statute. As an Office of the Prosecutor, our mandate remains the same. We cannot ignore if crimes that fall within the jurisdiction of the court happen or we assess that it is about to happen. We will not. We cannot say because we had a bad experience in Kenya we will turn the other away; we will not. We will continue to monitor the situation in Kenya just like in any other State Party to the Rome Statute," Bensouda said.

He said if President Uhuru Kenyatta or opposition leader, Raila Odinga, start violence after the poll, ICC will not hesitate in arresting them and sending them to an ICC jail.

“If it requires again for the ICC to intervene, we will not hesitate to do that. We all have learnt our lessons. We have seen the difficulties we have been confronted with; we have learnt lessons from there and we are already trying to do things differently,” she said.


  1. She's aiming her guns in the wrong direction (playing Russian roullute?). Should concentrate her eyes where serious & real atrocities are being committed by some of her paymasters - Syria.

  2. Can you focus on the right people, those who are using hate speech. Why have you not summoned them? Are they above the law?

  3. Bensuda should tell the world if the mandate for ICC now includeds elections monitoring and policing. If violence errupts during the elections and after, that's for the country's police service and may be security agencies to deal with. If they fail to control violence and prosecute inciters, then yes human right watch can call African Union to act. If the situation is dire, the AU can turn to the UN Security Council for help and this the only window the ICC can use to enter the frey. Historical evidence is abound which political party is prone to initiating violence and if that's Bensuda interest, she can ask Ms. Camara to set camp in various hot spots in Kenya right from the time of party nominations. This is where violence is cooked up before it's finally served to the ordinary Kenyans.

  4. BENSOUDA Aka Ocampo is a big joke. ICC is a toothless dog. She is serving her EU/USA paymasters.

  5. Haunted. And she will be haunted to her grave.

  6. 03:30 Hauted by what? She is only trying to save innocent Kenyans from USELESS politicians and paid killer goons.

  7. Bensounda is in raila's payroll and she shouldn't pretend to be so caring for the country's peace.she has adviced raila to start war so that he can blame it on the gvt and give her a free hand to prosecute uhuruto.she is the real threat to Kenyan peace.

  8. It is Raila who is always the cause of mayhem since 1982 failed coup

  9. Why cant Bensouda focus on Syria, Iraq esp at ISIS instead of Africa?, Russia dropping Barrel Bombs on civilians, Americas drones bombing weddings in Afghanistan, Boko Haram and Shebab

  10. Bensouda should note Security Council has only allowed Al Shabaab to Bomb ODM Headquaters when Raila is inside why? He sacrifices many souls.

  11. Moi warned Kenya of Tribal Paramount Chiefs or Warlords but We could hear none of it, Now We must enjoy the fruits of our Labor

  12. Kenya is not ran from the Hague. She can wait until a crime is committed then she can open her basket mouth. Until then she no purpose to say anything concerning Kenya; not unless she is puppet to ODM.

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