ATWOLI tells UHURU to investigate RAILA’s claims over tunnels of death in Murang’a

Saturday October 15, 2016 - Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary General, Francis Atwoli, has urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to investigate claims by CORD leader, Raila Odinga, that his Government is building tunnels of death in Muranga County.

Speaking on Friday, Atwoli said Uhuru and his men should stop dismissing Raila Odinga's claims and they should instead investigate his allegations.

On Monday, Raila claimed that the project was a...

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  1. Atwoli surely, you surprise many by pretending be a know-it-all on all issues in Kenya. The only problem is that he accomplishes very little in the projects he picks up or creates himself. One most recent project he picked up and tried to give it his brand name is the elusive mulembe nation unity. Unlike the Luo nation that easily herded to take one clear direction socially or politically. The new selection is to do with the Northern Water Tunnel project in the Murang'a county which has assumed a very confusing and controversial dimension since a week ago when the ODM leader raised fear about a very serious perceived to dry some rivers that are said to dry up in five years time. These rivers have their source in the Aberdares Range and are tributaries of the Tana River, which cuts through some of lower dry counties of Machakos, Kitui, Garisa, Tana-River before it hits the Indian Ocean. This project's objective is to channel some water to Ndakaini dam from which Nairobi gets its water for consumption. The concern that's being raised now ten months to the 2017 elections is not only polotical but also suspect of a well orchestrated attempt to kill the project despite it's noble goal and attracting so much attention. We all know that this project partly funded by the World Bank, which doesn't do any project with an environmental impact before an asseessment is done on the impact. This project started four years ago and lounched by the former Prime Minister who is now in the top of it stoppage campaign. The water minister at the time was from his side of the coalition gov he and former president Mwai Kibaki shared. The question is therefore why it has taken the ODM and leader of the CORD opposition to voice these concerns or when did he have a change of heart about the project? He is now saying that the late minister for internal security, John Michuki had opposed this project to the extent of saying it would only be done over his dead body. Of course, the former Prime Minister disregarded Michuki's caution and went ahead to lounch the project anyway. That's how dramatic the ODM chief can be in trying to discredit the current gov of Uhuru. Why is President Uhuru under undue pressure to respond and even order stoppage of the project which his Jubilee gov simply only continued to implement? Could this be an attempt to win the favor of communities that live down stream the Tana River? Only time will tell. In my view the President should simply challenge his rival to take the matter to the Senate and his repory or seek court intervention , while the projrct work goes on unless otherwise dictated by the court.

  2. Jifire
    I wish you Mr.Atwoli a good day, investigate what, by who, yet the project is a government approved project. Let me advice you old man for free-successful people(tycoons), successful economies(developed countries) took risk that's why they don't make mistakes, don't drive Kenyans into forced poverty through issuing advisories that useless. Tunnel ijimbwe, na watu walipwe peza zao.

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