AMINA MOHAMED will never forgive JACOB ZUMA, see what he did to her in front of UHURU.

... the elections slated for January 2017.

South Africa refused to support Amina’s candidature since Southern African Development Community’s (SADC) where South Africa is a member country agreed to support one of their own.

South Africa is said to be supporting Botswana’s Foreign Minister, Pelonomi Venson Moitoi, as their choice for AU Commission chairperson.

Despite the loss of South Africa’s support, Amina’s candidature still stands a strong chance, especially in West and Central Africa.


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  1. she is not worthy that position

  2. she is so boring and she cant even explain her self in the media,she is not worthy it that position let some one else take that position what a shame in Africa to be represented by Amina Mohamed,she thinks she knows everything but she doesn't know bure kabisa her work is to cover the wrong doings of Uhuru and Ruto she even dont know how to tackle had questions,just a looser and shame to kenyans and Africa.

  3. From the comments from anonymous 22.49,it shows how deep divided we are according to political inclination, to a level we can't see any good from the another Kenyan and we can't rally behind one of us so long as his from the other side of the political divide.Poor myopic Kenyans: hatred and bitterness will kill you.

  4. Amina Muhamed is a darling of kenyan depromacy and deserves the position. above comments shows underage intellect of some sick minds. Love you Amina!

  5. Her Chairmanship will only worsen the situation in Somalia because she will be going to bed with Al Shabab militias in a bid to benefit from their illegal activities. we need a chairman who will ensure Somalia stabilizes. Uhuru and Karangi and Duale want to have a field day selling charcoal in Mogadishu courtesy of Amina Mohammed Chairmanship

  6. anon 09:53 your so stupid with your stupid comment that she is a darling to kenyan diplomacy,let me get it right for you stupid nigger she is only a darling to Uhuru and Ruto, covering there wrong doings we dont care about here and Africa is not a darling to here plus kenyans.mpumbavu wewe

  7. Anon 22:51, you wanted them to sleep with your mother!, go ahead

  8. Amina thinks that through standing up ICC on suspects in her fake foreign diplomacy trips, is her best qualification....bure kabisa

  9. haters haters of women. Shame on you


  11. gone are the days when male chauvinist used to carry the day, women are more better that men in leadership

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