ABABU is broke! RUTO has refused to pick his calls after giving him a ‘rope to commit suicide’.

.... disrupt things inside his party and ostensibly campaign for Jubilee Party in Western Kenya and Nyanza regions.

Namwamba was also required to attend the Jubilee Party launch at Safaricom Kasarani Stadium last month but he failed to turn up.

Ruto was infuriated by Namwamba’s refusal and he promised to teach him a lesson. 

When Namwamba went to collect his Sh 10 million ‘bribe’ from the DP's office, he was barred from accessing it and Ruto refused to even pick his calls.

Efforts by Namwamba to send emissaries to Ruto have not borne any fruits and it is only a matter of time before Namwamba is as broke as a church mouse.


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  1. Kama jina lake namwamba amekuwa babu siasani yambidi ang'atuke asidanganye eti anajambo geni yuatarajia kulifumua ng'oo

  2. Good job well paid, afta destroying his party, he was left alone by his sender

  3. Ababu, do you recall Ntimama's advise to you in parliament when you swore allegiance to one LOP?

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