22 politicians arrested for taking a bribe from a Coca Cola - Where is JOHO and RAILA?

Monday October 17, 2016 - Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) sleuths arrested 22 MCAs from Mombasa County early today over allegations of corruption and bribery.

According to EACC detectives, the 22 MCAs were caught on camera receiving bribes from Coca Cola Company.

The 22 are part of the Health Committee that had summoned Coca Cola to the assembly after a cotton wool was found inside Dasani water - Dasani is a brand of water produced by Coca Cola in Kikambala, Mombasa.

The MCAs wanted to....

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  1. No point to this story .....they will be free......that's how things end up....
    and they get to keep their jobs as well
    what a shame!

  2. it does not matter whether they took bribes or not but this incident shows the world that working of this county is one big circus. what were they doing in a factory that is located in kilifi county and who among them is qualified to carry out an inspection in a food factory? where did they get the mandate to carry out the duties of kenya bureau of standards? how anybody can entrust a county's finance dept to a man whose only known attributeis a mastery of football thuggery is a big mystery and such a thing can only happen in this county.

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