What MUDAVADI thinks about the brawl between UHURU & RAILA at NTIMAMA’s burial

... no need for the juvenile exchange at such a solemn occasion.”

“I was both ashamed and embarrassed that these are people Kenyans vote for,” said Mudavadi.

The ANC leader even drew parallels between Ntimama and the current crop of leaders led by Uhuru and Raila, saying the late Maasai leader would turn in his grave if he saw the level of dishonesty in the current system.

“In his desire to protect public resources, Ntimama closely monitored me as Minister for Local Government to ensure that no revenue from the Maasai Mara game reserve was stolen.”

“That is the legacy Ntimama would like to be remembered for. He would have told off Jubilee for its unapologetic arrogance on public interest matters,” he said.


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  1. that is now the difference between leaders and politicians mudavadi is aleader who can give this country arebirth in all arenas , we need you mudavadi

  2. Seeking for sympathy. That's how politics is played. Wewe endelea kutoa statements hapo as you wait for endorsement. Bure kabisa.

  3. If anything, let's be honest..RAO started the attack. He is older and should lead by example.

  4. surely if kenya today mean mudavadi is asymperthizer then we are wrong , people have to diferrenciate the activicim ,politics and leadership that is why we have evanglist and posters in churches please give leaders a chance to move kenya to the next level

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