What MOI plans to do with his wealth to ensure UHURU/ RUTO don’t get a vote in Rift Valley

.... scuttle Jubilee Party dominance in the region.

According to one of the sources, Moi is prepared to use his wealth to ensure Uhuru/ Ruto never get votes in Rift Valley come 2017.

He is said to be planning to sponsor and finance popular candidates in the Rift Valley just to spoil the cards for Jubilee which enjoys massive support in the region.

Similar sentiments were echoed by KANU Secretary General, Nick Salat, on Thursday who confirmed that the party will sponsor strong candidates to challenge Jubilee’s.

“The day they (defectors) left, the traffic that has been streaming in for tickets is huge.”

“We want to retain the seats we had and win more,” Salat was quoted as saying.


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  1. Leta hiyo pesa boss...

  2. I come from Rift Valley and the mention of the name KANU in itself is a bad omen. People will "eat" the money but let me assure Moi that KANU cannot get more than 5 MP sits in Kenya.Is he boasting that he is richer than the Uhuru family! If KANU is popular in Rift Valley why has Isaac Rutto not joined it?

  3. These are the proceeds of the looted spree by this man's father for 24 years!!

  4. Pesa zetu mlizoiba hio miaka yote leteni

  5. you will cry in the toilet lol.

  6. Thw day when the common man, who comes face to face with the harsh economy as a result of bad governance come to realize that they should vote for a persons character and not a Parsons wallet, Kenya will be a cool country to live in.

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