What KALONZO told RAILA after he refused to stand up for UHURU at NTIMAMA’s burial.

Thursday September 15, 2016 - The burial of former Cabinet Minister, William Ole Ntimama, was on Wednesday turned into a political market where President Uhuru Kenyatta engaged in a war of words with his political nemesis, Raila Odinga.

At one point, Uhuru told Raila

Kumeza mate si kula nyama. Sasa nyinyi endeleeni kumezea mate, sisi tutaendelea kula nyama." 

(Salivating doesn’t mean you have eaten meat; continue swallowing saliva as..

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  1. And he expects other Kenyans will stand for him? We all know he ferried goons to the funeral so that they can shout his name when he is called to speak. Cheap politics!!!! Poor guy he was beaten 9 nil!!!!

  2. Usimame usisimame it's all the same,uhuru is the man.

  3. The Institution of the Presidency should respected by all.

  4. There are presidents who deserve respect but not this Mungiki

  5. He is circumcised?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. Kama kula nyama in Euro bond, NYS scandals, at the expense of wanjiku, wacha nimezee mate

  7. Raila hawezi bebwa ufala, I salute him. #babaa

  8. Raila hawezi bebwa ufala, I salute him. #babaa

  9. Raila is petulant, jealousy, and childish. He cannot be our president. If he cannot show respect to the presidency, who will ever respect him if he ever become one......which I am sure he will never be. He is also not the sharpest knife in the drawer... in other words, he lacks intelligence and this has been mentioned severally before.

  10. this is not standing for uhuru it is standing for the office,but mjinga ni mjinga tu,this country can never be lead by fools. infact raila who advices you? coz most of the time you dont get it right!how many votes did you gain by that, we guka wake up and see the light, wacha ushenzi, unajiaibisha tu at your age!by the way you think that you are popular with only haif a million followers on facebook. amka wacha kulala babu, cast those demons you have away and focus on doing the right.

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