We will beat you and snatch the meat from your mouth in 2017 - JOHO to UHURU/ RUTO.

Saturday September 17, 2016 - Mombasa Governor, Ali Hassan Joho, has lambasted President Uhuru Kenyatta for mocking the opposition during the burial of former Cabinet Minister, William Ole Ntimama.

Speaking at the funeral on Wednesday, opposition leader, Raila Odinga, said that Ntimama died while still in ODM.

“He called me after visiting State House and told me he is still in ODM,” Raila said.

However it seems Raila's remarks angered Uhuru who..

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  2. And this joho is really joking with the presidency, abusing him when he wants? Someone needs to teach the boy a good lesson. He can't even speak English, he needs to go to school first... Did you hear him trying to speak English on TV?

  3. Anon 1743 this fellow is 100/cent fraud.

  4. Pride comes before a fall. We have seen many before you come and go young man. Being humble does not cost you anything.

  5. Joho has been set up to lead Rao's campaign and a cover up for next ICC session

  6. ANON 17.43 NITA FIRA HIO MKUNDU WAKO KUBWA...UMBWA WEWE MALAYA MKUBWA we shall kill your brothers and sister hapa coast nugu wewe....

  7. Why cant We just confine Huyu Foreskin to a Mental Institution ?

  8. Raila if you are sure your foreskin has lots of maggots, Why cant We just cut it?


  10. Anon 1032 kumaaaaaaamako na nyanyako pia kumaaaaaamake

  11. Good one anonymous 11:50...hahahaha

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