UHURU will not sleep again! See who has promised RAILA additional 1 million votes in 2017

Thursday September 22, 2016 - Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has been promised an addition one million votes to his basket in 2017.

The additional votes were promised by George Aladwa who is also the chairman of ODM party in Nairobi.

Speaking yesterday, Aladwa said he is more than certain that he will deliver over one million votes to Raila Odinga from....

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  1. F O R G E T!!!!!!!!!######@@@@@@+

  2. Uhuru is sleeping on silk pillows. He will beat RAO at 8:00am

  3. Tell aladwa to go to the toilet first

  4. Aladwa is not a fool! This is how we politicians make a kill.Can't you read between the lines? He beat me at the application. Raila has been collecting donations over the years. i salivate for it.Hope Aladwa will subcontract me.

  5. Like his name Aladwa is a castrated man, hawezi job

  6. Aladwa the big mouth

  7. Nakuna kinembe ya akinyi

  8. Aladwa who ???

  9. These guys will commit suicide after the elections after their baaba gets beaten once again

  10. True. He is going to print votes. 1 million of them

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